Reed Olsen & Schytz AS

Velkommen til ROS, vi har forskjellige agenturer, hovedsakelig innenfor skipsfart.
Vi er her for våre kunder - vi står alltid til tjeneste.



Ballast Water Management
With new regulations from the IMO and United States Coast Guard (USCG) entering into force, there are huge changes and challenges on the horizon for shipowners, ship operators, and shipyards. By 2024, all vessels will have to have an approved ballast water management system (BWMS) installed. Finding the most cost-effective and practical solution to achieve compliance will be a pressing issue as the deadline draws ever nearer.


On January 17, 2019, we changed the company name from Reed Olsen & Schytz AS to ROS AS.


VGP 2013
Green light despite new EPA requirements!

Nor-Shipping 2022: 10 - 13 januar